30 Things I’m Grateful For in December

Something about December always makes me happy. It’s my birthday month, it’s Christmastime, I got to go back to Wisconsin to spend time with my family and friends, and I got to give and receive some pretty cool gifts!

I spent a lot of time with my boyfriend’s family and his friends this month and felt very loved. Sometimes family time is the best cure for anything, even if it is my adopted family. When I went to Wisconsin for a week, it was great seeing my family, although we all missed my grandpa and it wasn’t the same without him. But it was nice being back in Wisconsin and I took advantage of a lot of things I missed about my home state.

I am SO excited for 2017 and I can’t wait for all the amazing things that will happen this year. Here are some things I’m very grateful for in December:

  • Margaritas and appetizers at Geronimo’s with good friends
  • Advent calendars
  • A cute iron fox purse hook from Marshalls for $3
  • Cheap diner breakfasts
  • Broad City
  • Awesome birthday and Christmas gifts from my friend Rose in the mail
  • Dinner and drinks with friends in South Norwalk
  • Christmastime in New York City
  • USPS tracking
  • Silly, fun Christmas games
  • Checking out a cool house lighting display in my town in Connecticut
  • The Breaking Bad marathon on TV
  • Getting Christmas cards in the mail
  • My boyfriend who dropped me off and picked me up from Bradley Airport, and my dad who picked me up and dropped me off from O’Hare
  • My supportive parents
  • Easy, quick flights and window seats
  • Spending my birthday with my mom, dad, sisters, nephew and nieces – playing board games, opening gifts, having brunch and goofing around with Snapchat filters
  • Fleece-lined socks
  • Lattes in the morning
  • Culvers
  • Being blessed with good skin
  • Listography for my list-driven brain
  • Getting to see two of my best friends while I was in Wisconsin
  • A new vacuum
  • The Path on Hulu
  • L’oreal eye cream on sale
  • Breakfast Poutine at Walrus + Carpenter
  • Watching Lion in theaters with my family
  • Checking out Grace Farms and Cranbury Park
  • Partying, playing games, drinking champagne and making new friends at a fun New Years party