30 Things I’m Grateful For in October

October was a very special month for me. I celebrated my one year anniversary of living in Connecticut and my one year work anniversary! My boyfriend, cat and I celebrated it with apple crisp and a little photoshoot.

This anniversary snuck up on me. I remember where I was one year ago and I’ve grown, made so many friends, and learned a lot about myself within the last year. As I looked back on these lists over the months, this has sort of evolved into an archive of what I’ve been doing, seeing and eating for the month. It has evolved into what I’m into, what I’m obsessed with and where I traveled to, which in its own way are all things I’m grateful for.

One thing I wasn’t grateful for was when I lost my phone in the Cape this month. I’m still waiting on a new phone but hopefully that will be included in next month’s list! Without further ado, here are 30 things I’m grateful for this month.

  • Apple picking at Lyman Orchards in Middlefield
  • And making apple pie and apple crisp
  • A pizza and beer date at Bar in New Haven
  • The intriguing Criminal podcast
  • A fun pumpkin beer tasting party at a friend’s house
  • Exploring Cape Cod with the boy
  • Overlooking the Cape on the Scargo Tower
  • Sand dunes and lighthouses
  • Burgers and beer at Local 186
  • Seeing and touching the Atlantic Ocean
  • Vintage postcards in old bookstores
  • Cruising around Newport and gawking at mansions on the most beautiful day
  • Getting Halloween cookies and old pictures of my sister and I dressed up in Halloween costumes from my mom in the mail
  • Grocery coupons
  • The Atlantic’s series of interviews with American workers
  • Chili season
  • My space heater and electric blanket
  • #trumpbookreport
  • Free and close parking to the train station
  • A fun weekend birthday celebration for a girlfriend in New York City
  • Drinking champagne on the train
  • Maya‘s bottomless brunch
  • The most incredible view of the city from The Press Lounge
  • Black Mirror season 3
  • The pretty Autumn leaves
  • Watching The Addams Family Values with my kitty
  • Grilled cheese and tomato soup at Local with some coworkers
  • A work Halloween party and after-party drinks at Brick + Wood
  • Hearing Thriller on the radio a million times
  • A nice Halloween gift from my landlord