30 Things I’m Grateful For in January

2016 is turning out to be so fantastic. This was the month that I put myself out there, made friends, and hung out with coworkers outside of work. I feel like I’m finally settled down with my new life in Connecticut. I’m still so grateful for my job and incredible apartment, but this month I’m most grateful for some pretty great people.

If January was any indicator of how my year will be, I think 2016 will be my best year yet.

    • New Warby Parker tortoise shell glasses
    • Homemade chili
    • Making a Murderer
    • Starting and sticking to a savings plan
    • Making new friends and a night out in Milford
    • SBC Brewery, Two Roads, OEC Brewery and Stony Creek Brewery
    • Fantastic Mr. Fox
    • My new tattooed friend, Patrick
    • Small victories at work
    • Pepe’s pizza
    • L’oreal super slim liquid eyeliner
    • Rediscovering my love for Alt-J and Panic at the Disco
    • The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins
    • Frances Ha
    • Fleece-lined leggings
    • Spotify Premium and Discover Weekly
    • Experiencing my first nor’easter in the best way possible: with board games, beer and True Detective
    • Autosave on the computer
    • Awesome coworkers
    • Plaid shirts
    • No-makeup days
    • Fixer Upper and the adorable couple that is Chip and Joanna Gaines
    • Free drinks, new friends and spending a fun night in Stamford
    • Cheap books and pretty rad curtains from Goodwill
    • The Bachelor (my guilty pleasure…no shame)
    • You’ve Got Mail
    • Savers
    • Getting Wisconsin cheese curds, sausage, chocolates and cookies sent in the mail from my mom
    • Friends in far away places
    • Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History

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