Be Humble and Appreciative

Today, in the midst of me doing absolutely nothing, I decided to clean up some of the stuff I have in my apartment. That stuff included a shoe box full of cards and love letters.

I’ve been looking through them for like an hour now and I stumbled upon three cards I received my freshman year of college – one from my mom, one from my dad, and one from my mom’s best friend, neighbor and second mother to me, Bridget. I knew my mom’s letter to me would make me cry, even four years later.

So, as a follow up to my  previous post, 17 Things I Would Tell My 17-Year-Old Self, here are two letters from my mother to me, when I was 19:

Kelsey –

It’s been almost a full year at UW Whitewater.. I hope you are enjoying it as much as I hoped you would. I hope you find the best life for yourself.. Always know you are worth more than what you give yourself credit for. Be humble and appreciative. Those are great characteristics to have. The next 3 years will fly by so fast for you.. enjoy every minute of college life.

I hope you have enjoyed your life here with us and what we have given you. You mean the world to us and want the best, the most, the greatest life for you. It is all right there for you. Make the best choices for you – grow, experience life, always have fun, always laugh, and most of all, always be safe. Keep your warped sense of humor, that will always make you young.

I will always wish you the best – you so deserve it!

I love you –



Hey Kelsey,

Just know that you have the world by the tail right now… you have choices that will determine the rest of your life. Remember that! and that you have so much to look forward to. This is just the beginning…

I am so proud of you. You have become something I wish I could have been. It is fun for me to watch you experience life and ‘find yourself.’ Just lay off the makeup – seriously, you don’t need even a tidbit… you are beautiful as is – ask anyone!

I do hope you get to travel as you progress in your life. I am so glad I took you to Ireland and Paris. I hope we have more adventures too.

Study, learn, be open, see all sides… and stay true to yourself.

I love you


And as always… be safe !!