Mawwiage. It’s What Bwings Us Togevah Today.

I recently wrote an article for College Lifestyles titled Summer Wedding Etiquette. Two days later, I attended a wedding and noticed I missed a lot more etiquette tips and decided they needed to go somewhere else besides my mind so here they are:

  • When you’re making wedding invitations, it would be so helpful to women, who obviously need to buy a new dress for the wedding no matter if you know the bride and groom or not, to decorate the RSVP’s with the wedding colors. That way we won’t buy a dress the same color the bridesmaids are wearing. It’s just common courtesy.
  • Respect the ceremony, even if you’re so not into what the pastor/priest/rabbi is saying. At the wedding I went to, the pastor kept talking about how this marriage isn’t a relationship between the bride and groom, it’s a relationship between the bride and groom and God. I wasn’t digging it. And I wasn’t into the gospel readings, singing hymns or praying. But I still bowed my head and listened. Attending a wedding where you totally don’t understand the religious aspect or any other aspect of the ceremony is a great way to know what you want and don’t want at your wedding.
  • When all else fails, just tell the person you’re talking to that they look beautiful.
  • Know that if you sit in the back of the church during the ceremony, you’ll be the last to leave.
  • Having drinks and appetizers between the ceremony and reception is a smart idea, because all the guests are going to be starving and waiting for the wedding party to get back from taking pictures. How convenient would that be if happy hour was that time?!
  • Here’s a question for my three loyal readers – if there’s an open bar, do you still tip the bartenders? I felt bad not doing it, but nobody else was doing it, and I was a little intoxicated, so I would always just swiftly take my drinks and stumble back to my table. I’m gonna go out on a limb with this one and say to tip the bartenders even if it is an open bar.

I’ve been to my fair share of weddings in the past year, and I photographed about seven weddings when I interned with Andrejka Photography on Mackinac Island, but every time I learn more and envision what my wedding will be like.