Spoken Word

I’m so creative with post titles, I know. And keeping up with my list format on this blog, I thought I’d post about my favorite spoken word pieces. They’re somewhere in my Hermit Diaries blog, but unless you go back 85 million pages you won’t find them. I should better organize that. I should also buy a boat.

Anyway, here are my top five spoken word poems. They’re all pretty different, so I hope you find at least one that you enjoy. I hope they inspire, motivate, or just make you feel something. Because emotions are beautiful and if a stranger can make you feel something from words strung together in a poetic way, that’s pretty strong.

Shake the Dust by Anis Mojgani. Of course this one made the list, and it’s first for a reason. I could recite this back to you, I’ve listened to it so many times. It’s empowering and inspiring and makes me want to jump around and change the world.

OCD by Neil Hilborn tugs at my heartstrings like mad crazy.

This Flickering Lights reprise is absolutely perfect, I think. From the poet’s accent to the beautiful music in the background, from the mesmerizing light clips to the lullaby of the poem. It’s the little things in life.

I was almost not going to include Wooden Heart by Listener on this list, mostly because it’s pretty deep and I have a hard time trying to interpret it. I typed up the lyrics, which I read while I watch it. I do love the music in the background. It’s kind of a mix between a song and spoken word.

THIS. Now, this is good. Also heartbreaking. Check out the lyrics here. Shane Koyczan, you are a genius.